The cut-to-size Pads are flat sheets of corrugated material. Pads are often used for inner packing, to separate layers of products inside a box, or to provide a flat bottom inside boxes with inside flaps such as RSC style boxes.


Scored Pads - S-Pads

Scored Pads (S-Pads) are used to create custom inner packing. S-Pads can have up to nine score lines to create many different shapes for keeping products from moving inside a box. S-Pads such as corner pieces, angles, etc. can be made to fill almost any space to firmly hold products in place during shipping.

Scored Pads - S-Pads


The TRAY can be used for inner containers and dividers for parts.



Dividers are used to create separate compartments within a larger box to protect small or delicate products.